Friday Favourites :: 21 May

I’m really not sure where this week went! I feel like it was the weekend and here we are at Friday again! I’ve just started working two of my three days back in the office again, and I think maybe that extra day out of the house threw me.

My favourite thing this week is also related to something that got me out of the house this week – my first watercolour class on Wednesday! I’ve been playing with watercolours for a little while now, and got a lovely little set for my birthday, and when I saw a local arts centre had a Wednesday morning class I couldn’t resist signing up.

I wasn’t organised enough today to get a photo of them, but we have had a steady flow of how to paint/about art type books coming through the house from our local library – I might start sharing some of my favourites here.

The class is about painting little things, although the format is very open so really you could paint anything you lied I think. Our first lesson was spent playing a bit with the paints – learning how they move on the paper- and getting to know each other a bit. I had an absolute ball and can’t wait to go back next week.

I’ve been doing a few creative classes this year and I am absolutely loving trying me hand at some new things. I’d love to know if you have a favourite crafty past time, or something you’d like to try out!

Xo Bron

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