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Review : Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco

Ok, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love a cosy mystery cover! The cats on the covers especially get me! And the titles! The puns! I feel like half the fun comes before you even open the cover haha. Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco was released in 2020 and I didn’t quite manage to get to reviewing it then, but it catches my eye every time I browse my NetGalley shelf and it was finally time to pick it up. Check out the synopsis, then my review below.

What is Nancy Coco’s Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas about?

All Allie wants for Christmas is for renovations to be finished on the Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop so she can move back home for the holidays. But for now she’s staying in her friend Frances’ apartment, busily baking batches of holiday fudge. After someone leaves a mysterious note on the door to meet up, the curious fudge maker goes to the rendezvous with her Bichonpoo, Mal–only to discover a woman facedown in a snowdrift. With her dying breath, the woman gasps, “Frances.” The police suspect she named her killer, but Allie knows that’s impossible. She needs to wrap up this case before the trail runs cold–and give her friend the gift of freedom this Christmas season…

My review of Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco

Ok, first things first – when will I ever learn to check how far into a series a festive cosy mystery is before I jump in? This is officially the 8th book in Nancy Coco’s Candy-Coated Mystery series, but maybe technically the 10th, as there 2 other Christmassy ones that are listed as books 3.5 and 5.5. It is probably to be expected then that this would be quite character heavy, and it really was, There were a lot of characters pop up throughout the book, and while I couldn’t necessarily always place everyone, if I’m honest this didn’t bother me too much. I feel like the writing in the story was good enough that I didn’t need to know exactly who everyone was, and I actually appreciated that I wasn’t swamped over and over by new info about character back story from the previous books. That said, I suspect this one would be even better if you had started earlier in the series and knew the characters.

The mystery itself was well written – I had a few different theories along the way, and I felt satisfied by the ending. The setting, Mackinac island felt super cosy as written, perhaps helped along by the fact that a Christmas-time visit there is on my festive wish list for one day.

Something I often enjoy in cosy mystery series is the way that there is often a romantic relation bubbling in the background that plays out over the series, rather than the instalove of the genre’s cousin the cosy romance. In this case I liked that there were a few romantic possibilities, but that none of that was front of mind for Allie as she had enough other stuff going on.

In terms of Christmassy-ness (definitely a word), there was enough of a festive vibe to this book for me to feel like it had earned its Christmas tree cover. The focus on the Christmas lights display, the snowy weather, and the seasonal rush for fudge sales as well as a Christmas tree shopping scene all added to the holiday feels.

I enjoyed reading this, and I think if you’re looking for a cosy mystery series then this would be a good one to check out.

xo Bron

Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco.
Out now from Kensington Books
Source: I received a free ebook copy from Kensington Books (via NetGalley).
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