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Friday Favourites :: 14 May

After a week of rain we’ve had friendlier weather this week – even if it is getting a bit on the chilly side – which has been perfect for walking to and from the school drop off/pick up run. I have my 7 year old chatting away with me in one direction, but on the leg I do on my own I like to use my quiet walking time to listen to podcasts. Today I thought I would share my current top three bookish podcasts.

Talking Aussie Books with Claudine Tinellis
I love listening to Claudine chat with her guests – she is always such a warm, friendly host, the guests sound comfortable, and the conversations flow really well. I also love that this is focused on Australian books, and covers so many of the books I have read.
Find out more on Claudine Tinellis’ website here.

Words and Nerds Podcast with Dani Vee (and cohosts)
Words and Nerds podcast also focuses largely on the Australian context, talking to lots of Aussie (and some international) authors, as well as looking at our publishing industry more broadly. I listened to an episode today where Dani and cohost Adrian Beck were chatting with agent Jacinta di Mase, and it was so interesting to get an insight into that side of the industry. Dani is such a fun host, and I love her cohosts too – everyone on Words and Nerds always sounds like they are having a lot of fun. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Words and Nerds as I was part of an episode last year for the launch of Angela May George’s Step Up, Shine On.
Head to the Words and Nerds website for more info.

Your Kids’ Next Read with Megan Daley and Allison Tait
I’ve been a follower and fan of Your Kid’s Next Read group on Facebook for quite a while, and when I found out Megan and Allison had a podcast I was super keen to check it out. This one is new and I’ve only listened to the first one so far, but I really loved it and am looking forward to getting into more. I always love hearing from both of these women – I love the perspectives they bring from their experiences as mothers, educators and authors. I am forever curious about what other people’s kids are reading, or what other parents recommend, so this is right in my wheelhouse.
More info about this one on Megan’s website, Children’s Books Daily.

So, tell me, are you a podcast listener? Have you listened to any of these? Do you have other favourites I should check out? Let’s chat in the comments!

xo Bron

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