Friday Favourites :: 28 May

Friday again – can you believe it? This week has been exciting with the blood moon, and hitting the middle of the school term. We also had a birthday party on the weekend, which have been fairly few and far between the past 12 months on account of lockdowns etc. When my daughter is heading off to a party I always like to include a book in the birthday present, which leads me to my Friday favourite for the week – our local comic book store.

We pop into Dee’s Comics pretty regularly, and without fail we all walk out with something new that has caught our eye. As well as there being so much to browse at ourselves, we always get the best recommendations. This totally saved us this week on our hunt for the perfect present for a newly independent reader who is very into dragons – hello Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly! My own daughter is owl-obsessed so picked out Owly, and there was no way I could go past a graphic novel retelling of Little Women as Little Witches!

I suspect comic book stores probably have a bit of a reputation for being very super hero heavy, and while all your favourite tights and cape guys are well represented, there is honestly soooooo much other stuff to check out. I think we’re so lucky to have local access to a treasure trove of amazing books that I’m sure I wouldn’t come across otherwise! (You can also shop online if you’re interested in checking them out!)

Let me know if you have a fave local comic book store, or graphic novel I should check out!

xo Bron

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