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ICYMI :: October Wrap Up

Hello! All of a sudden it is November! I’m sure I say this all the time, but how did this happen?!
It’s definitely starting to feel a bit Christmassy up in here – as you can maybe tell from my photo haha. I’ve been rotating through my Christmassy mugs on Fridays this month, and have been loving it!

I feel like we lost it a bit in October – I think going back to school for those last three weeks of remote learning after holidays really took it out of us, and then being actually back at school and having restrictions lift was weird too. You can see this a bit in my October blog posts I think – I started with so much enthusiasm at the start of the month, and lost it along the way.

I am excited to have shared quite a few Christmas reviews already! I’m actually feeling quite drawn to the Christmas cosy murders this year, perhaps more than the romances (although there are also some of those I’m super excited about)!

Here’s my wrap up of posts I shared across the month.

I managed to keep up with the FRIDAY FAVOURITES posts, which I am still loving. I really think this is such a great way to reflect on good things that have been happening, no matter how small they seem. My favourites in October were:

As I’ve mentioned above, I also did ok with REVIEWS, and especially Christmas reviews.

And then there were a few random chatty posts

So, what’s in store for November? I’m planning to keep sharing loads of Christmassy reads – I am aiming for a posting a Christmas review every Saturday – as well as some gift recs and some Christmas Q&As with authors and small businesses, because I had so much fun with that last year! I’m also keen to share more kids reads, because my 7 year old is flying through books at the moment and I’d love to share more of her favourites.

I’d love to know what some of your October highlights were, or what you’re planning for November!

xo Bron

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