Friday Favourites :: 29 October

Happy almost the end of October! Can you believe it? Lockdown here officially lifted a week (or two?) ago, but this week was probably the change that will make the biggest difference to our day to day lives – it was back to school for the girl this week!

I have to admit I’ve actually enjoyed having my daughter home – it has been nice not to have to rush out anywhere in the morning, to see what she’s up to in school, reading and baking in the afternoons. But of course it’s good for her to be back in the world with her friends and she has been happy to see someone other than us!

We celebrated with some delicious dumplings from our favourite local takeaway, which were also the perfect prop for a photo so I could join in with the Fiction Feast on Instagram, which lead super fun too!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Xo Bron

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