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ICYMI :: August Wrap Up

Hello! Happy September and welcome to spring! I do love winter, but I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to the days getting longer and just a bit warmer. We had the most glorious weather today – a top of about 23 and sunny – and we spent most of the day in the backyard. We’re heading into September in lockdown – it has been three weeks so far, and we have at least two weeks to go. We’ve been coping ok, and I’m mostly focusing on the positives – the extra time we get to spend together, not needing to be anywhere, and making extra efforts to reach out to friends to let them know we’re thinking of them. And maybe even a little bit of extra reading time (maybe?).

So with all that going on, August was kind of an odd month. Reading and book-wise it was super fun for A to participate in the MS Readathon for the first time – she did a wonderful job and met both her reading and fundraising goals. Another favourite in August was of course Book Week! A dressed up as Willow from Lili Wilkinson’s gorgeous series How to Make a Pet Monster. I wrote a bit more about the MS Readathon and about Book Week in my FRIDAY FAVOURITES posts – you can see those and my other favourites in the following links. I did miss one week this month – the first day of lockdown, I think, when just everything got away from me – but here are the others:

I feel like I’ve started getting my stuff together with REVIEWS – I managed to get four published in August, three of those in the past week!

And, of course, I do always love to share a BOOK STACK, so there were a few of those in August too…

That was August! For once I haven’t really come into the new month with plans about what’s next! I ALWAYS say I want to do more reviews, and I certainly have loads of books on my ‘to review’ pile. I am planning to participate in a readathon on the weekend, which will be fun.

I always love hearing what everyone else is up to, so do leave me a comment about what you got up to in August – or have planned for September – if you would like to share!

xo Bron

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