Friday Favourites :: 20 August

Well. The past week or so ha been kind of wild! Last Thursday we started a snap lockdown after Covid popped up in our city for the first time over a year. All week I’ve been planning to online and catch up on some reviews, and somehow the days have just flown past! It has been kind of nice to have been busy to keep my mind off things like exposure sites and everything else in the news right now, and distraction from real life is what I wanted to talk about in my favourites this week – specifically distraction in the form of reality tv!

Now I’m totally stretching the bookish connection here, but we’ve been loving watching Survivor Australia, starring fabulous #LoveOzYA author Wai Chim. It’s a long long time since I watched Survivor (like, since the first few seasons) and it has really been even more fun than I expected.

Another one we are watching together as a family and that has brought more joy than we expected is The Voice – I’ve never watched before and it has been such a pleasure!

On the trashier side of things, we’ve been filling our evenings with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (wild!) and 90 Day Fiancé (honestly, these people!).

Do you have a fave tv distraction? I’d love and recommendations!

Xo Bron

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