Friday Favourites :: 9 July

I think I mentioned in my favourites post last week about how the past few weeks have seen us in the midst of snap lockdowns and travel restrictions and cancellations of plans and all of that. This week’s favourite is kind of related, because something I’m loving this week is the way the book community is getting behind virtual events. While I completely appreciate the disappointment that comes from having to cancel planned events, and how difficult it has been for authors launching new books at a time when they can’t do face-to-face events I have really loved seeing authors and publishers and venues “pivot” to take their events online – there is something lovely about being able to attend from my couch – AND I have especially loved seeing the way people in the book community have pushed extra hard to support and promote each other in the absence of being able to hold in person launches and events.

I have shared a bit about some of my favourite bookish podcasts and the work they do to support Aussie literature here before, and the reason I’ve been thinking about this again this week is that last night I had the pleasure of being part of a wonderful virtual book event hosted by the lovely Dani Vee at Words and Nerds podcast. The even was in honour of the launch of gorgeous new picture book Stop the Dad Jokes by Adrian Beck and Simon Greiner, and there were so many fabulous Aussie kidlit stars involved! You can check out the full event video – including a dad joke competition, a story time with authors reading the book together, and reviews from a couple of book bloggers (hi that’s me!) – on the Dani Vee Books – Words and Nerds Podcast Facebook page.

As for the book – I read it with my 7 yr old and we both loved it! It is funny and silly, with a sweet message as well. The text flows beautifully and is a delight to read aloud, and the illustrations are gorgeous (the eye rolls from kids across the animal kingdom as their dads tell yet another dad joke is just perfect!). The story is about a boy and his dad on a trip to the zoo – the boy is embarrassed by his dad’s terrible jokes and learns that it isn’t just his own dad, as they see animal dads around the zoo telling jokes to their little ones too (I think my fave was the hippo dad telling his kids that a hippo standing on one leg is called a HOPpo!) . After we’d finished we also had lots of fun thinking up dad jokes that other animals might tell. Stop the Dad Jokes gets all the thumbs up from us, and I think it’s going to be a great one to pick up when Fathers’ Day comes around (but also any time before that too!).

That’s it from me for this week – I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
xo Bron

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