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Friday Favourites :: 2 July

Hello bookish friends! The past week or so have been a bit wild – as many of my fellow Aussies will know, with all kinds of new lock downs and restrictions on travel popping up right as we head into school holidays. Despite the chaos we managed to get away for a little stay with my family in Victoria for the first time in quite a while, and so of course that has been my favourite this week.

As always, I’ve probably over-packed when it comes to deciding which books to bring – it’s not just me is it? I brought along all the books in the stack there, as well as Karen Ginnane’s When Days Tilt, which is the first in her Time Catchers duology and was my current read when we left a few days ago. I’ll have a review of that one up really soon! (That title, as well as all the ones in the stack here, were gifted to me by their publishers)

How do you decide how many books to take on holidays? One for each day? Some to choose from? Half your age plus seven? I’d love to know!

xo Bron

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