Friday Favourites :: 24 September

My favourite thing this week is a bit less specific than most weeks – it’s the fact we’ve been on school holidays! Even though we’ve been managing remote learning ok, and of course haven’t actually been able to go anywhere, it has been nice to have nothing really on our schedule each day. I only worked 2 days last week and it was nice to stay in bed a bit longer (especially since our mornings have still been cool enough for flannelette sheets), swing in the hammock enjoying the sunshine (the photo their is our hammock view), do some baking, and craft and reading, and really just hang out together.

We’ve got another week ahead of us before school goes back – I think we’re meant to have some rainy days, in which case we might get into some movies and puzzles.

I hope your week has been wonderful too!

xo Bron

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