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Popping in quickly today to share a stack of Christmassy books for young readers – junior and newly independent readers through middle grade. There are more fab Christmas kids’ books coming out each year, and these are by no means the only great ones out there, but htey are some we have read and loved.

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig.
This must just about be the most recommended book here on my blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet perhaps now is the time, as the movie adaptation has just come out. I think I mention every time that we love the audio book of this one too (love Stephen Fry!).
You are about to read the TRUE STORY of Father Christmas.
If you believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away.
(Because this book is FULL of impossible things.)
Are you still reading? Good.
Then let us begin . . .

Holly the Christmas Fairy by Daisy Meadows
My daughter loved the Rainbow Magic Fairies series as a new readers, and there are a few different Christmas themed ones available.
The King and Queen of Fairyland are all in a fluster. Jack Frost is up to his old tricks and has kidnapped the Christmas elves. Without the elves to make the presents and decorate the trees, there won’t be any Christmas this year. Can Rachel and Kirsty save the day, with a little help from Holly the Christmas Fairy?

Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories by Enid Blyton
I know they are old fashioned, and sometimes a bit problematic, but I still think there is something magical about Enid Blyton’s stories. We have two of these collections and I love them for reading aloud together. This one has 25 stories, so could work well for an advent read-aloud.
In this classic collection there’s mystery and mischief, the joy of shared times and plenty of scrumptious food, so curl up by the fire and get ready for a Christmas treat! These fun, entertaining stories are ideal for newly confident readers and are the perfect length for reading aloud at bedtime or in the classroom.

Ella Diaries Christmas Crackers
The Ella Diaries has also been a hit here, and again there are a couple of Christmassy editions out there. My daughter has recently been rereading this one.
WARNING: You are about to read my UTTERLY BIGGEST SECRETS. Can I trust you? OK then. I’m Ella, and this is my diary.
Ella has SO MANY ideas for the class CHRISTMAS PROJECT that she calls a SPECIAL MEETING with her BFFs Zoe and Ammy. They want to do all the actoring, directoring and costume designering. And it would be even more aMAZing if there was a CHICKEN DANCE and a GIANT NUTCRACKER and SOME REINDEERS too!
Ella can’t wait to tell her whole class all about it!

Tinsel by Sibeal Pounder
I just think there is something a bit magical about middle grade books, especially middle grade fantasy. Tinsel is a gorgeous book AND this edition looks beautiful, which I think makes it perfect for a special Christmastime gift. You can check out my full review from last year here.
What if somewhere along the way we’ve all got the Santa story a bit wrong…? Join Blanche Claus and her best friend Rinki for a funny festive sleigh ride you’ll never forget!
From Sibéal Pounder, bestselling author of the Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids series, this tale of friendship and mince-pie feasts is the perfect book to curl up with this winter. Funny, feminist and with a huge heart, it’s a gloriously Christmassy adventure that will delight even the biggest Grinch.


Those are some of our favourite festive books for young readers – I’d love to know if you have others you would add to the list!

xo Bron

You can find more Christmas kidlit here.


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