Friday Favourites :: 10 September

The favourite I’m sharing tonight is actually tonight – it’s Cosy Reading Night, hosted by the fabulous Lauren from Lauren and the Books!

I’ve posted about Cosy Reading Night a few times before (I’ve been joining in since 2016!) – I just love it! I think a night dedicated to cosiness and reading is a dream come true haha. Lauren is such a fantastic fun ‘host’, and it’s always lovey to see what she has planned.

This time around my partner and daughter both joined in too. We ordered in burrito bowls for dinner, and had hot chocolate later in the night, and a rainy library ASMR on the tv.

I had planned to read something else, but when I saw Lauren was reading She Who Became the Sun I was inspired to pick up my copy too (sent to me for review by the publisher). My daughter is currently reading the Wings of Fire graphic novels, and my partner is reading Wicked.

We had such a nice time that my daughter wants to have cosy reading night more regularly, and I’m inclined to agree!

Xo Bron

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