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September Chat

Hello and happy Sunday! I’m just popping in today with a little check in and chat, I guess!

I think I’ve probably chatted before about how I find it tricky to get the balance of reading and reviewing – I always feel like if I’m doing enough of one the other falls behind. Somehow it reminds me of how the conditioner always runs out before the shampoo, and they never catch up to eachother again – I’m not sure if that makes sense haha.

I am determined to start getting more reviews in shape and out in the world over the next few weeks. I feel like I have read so many great books that I haven’t talked about here yet (you can see some of them in the photo there!) I’d also like to feel a bit more caught up before I start to get ready to launch into some more Christmassy content.

The other thing I have coming up is that I have the honour of being on a judging panel for the Aurealis Awards again! I’m super thrilled to be judging the fantasy novel category, and expect to have around 40-50 novels to read and judge. I really loved be part of the awards last year, so I’m really grateful to have the opportunity again this year.

So I’m super keen to get more organised with the reading and writing! I think I’ve talked recently about finding it tricky to get into a rhythm with everything now we’re in lockdown, and I think this week I’m going to try blocking time into my day to work on reviews so that I have it scheduled. I’m always open to suggestions for planning and organising content!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday!

Xo Bron

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