Friday Favourites :: 3 September

Another week slip slidin’ away! We have had some gorgeous sunny weather this week, and it has been so nice to spend more time outside. We’ve been taking advantage of it, especially because we’re expecting rain all weekend!

When we haven’t been out in the garden we’ve been mostly glued to the Paralympics. Australia has such a strong team of athletes competing this year, and it has been so brilliant to watch. I feel like the coverage has been quite good – we’ve loved having a choice of sports to tune into, and having former Paralympic athletes in tthe commentary team has been fantastic. In particular we have loved watching the team sports – wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, and goalball have all been hits – as well as the swimming, tennis, and track and field sports.

We’ll be a bit sad when everything is finished up on Sunday! I really never imagined how much we would appreciate the joy and distraction that the Paralympics and Olympics have both offered us in this weird time!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week too!

Xo Bron

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