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I can’t wait for… 3 upcoming novels from Canberra authors

Tonight I’m joining in with Can’t-Wait Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read, and sharing three upcoming novels I’m super excited about that are all coming soon from Canberra authors.

Kill Your Husbands by Jack Heath

Three couples, friends since high school, rent a luxurious house in the mountains for an unplugged weekend of drinking and bushwalking. No internet, no phones, no stress. On the first night, the topic of partner-swapping comes up. It’s a joke – at first.

Not everyone is keen, but an agreement is made. The lights will be turned out. The three women will go into the three bedrooms. The three men will each pick a room at random. It won’t be awkward later, because they won’t know who they’ve slept with – or can pretend they don’t.

But when the lights come back on, one of the men is dead. No one will admit to being his partner. The phones still don’t work, and now the car key is missing. They’re stranded. And the killer is just getting started…

Kill Your Husbands by Jack Heath is out 28 November from Allen & Unwin
(Thanks to Allen & Unwin for sending me an early copy!)

Love and Other Scores by Abra Pressler

Gabriel is a global tennis superstar and heartthrob. As he eyes his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, the pressure is getting to him. After an intense practice session, Gabriel finds refuge in a bar, where he meets Noah.

Oblivious to sports, Noah doesn’t recognise Gabriel, but there is an instant connection. The more time they spend together in the blazing heat of a Melbourne summer, the more their feelings and attraction grow.

Both Gabriel and Noah have their reasons for wanting to keep their romance private. With the stakes so high, will they be willing to risk everything for love all?

Love and Other Scores by Abra Pressler is out 28 November from Pan Macmillan.


Sidelines by Karen Viggers

When a violent brawl erupts at a suburban junior soccer game, some onlookers are shocked. But others saw it coming. Rivalry, parental pressure, coaching bias, inequity, and many other factors have played a part in turning Saturday mornings into a pressure cooker.

Thirteen-year-old Audrey is a talented young football player. But does she want to play for Australia or does she just want to please her father, Ben, whose own thwarted sporting career looms large in his ambitions for his daughter? Audrey’s mother, Jonica, doesn’t know whether to be more concerned about her anxious daughter, her overbearing husband, or the only other girl on the team, Katerina, who is causing trouble on and off the field. And Katerina’s mother, Carmen, is so busy looking for opportunities to give Katerina more game time that she fails to notice what is really capturing her daughter’s attention. When Griffin, a naturally gifted player with spectacular skills, arrives, the tension within the team reaches boiling point. But who is going to crack first – the parents or the players?

Sidelines by Karen Viggers is out 3 January 2024 from Allen & Unwin

I’m so looking forward to getting into these – I think each of the three titles will make for fabulous summer reading. Let me know in the comments if you’re adding them to your tbr too!

xo Bron

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