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Review :: Sit, Love, Stay by Amy Hutton

I love getting my hands on a new Aussie romcom novel and today I’m sharing my thoughts on a recent release by local author Amy Hutton.

What is Amy Hutton’s Sit, Love, Stay about?

Sera loves owning a pet shelter – even if it’s often tricky to make ends meet, and her mother thinks she’s wasting her life. Thankfully, she can always rely on her steadfast best friend, Toby, who just happens to be the local vet.

And then famous actor Ethan James enters the scene. After Sera ‘saves’ Ethan from a friendly German Shepherd, he confesses to a terrible fear of dogs. A canine co-star is all that stands between Ethan and the role of a lifetime – and he wants Sera to help him overcome his fear. As they bumble through a series of training sessions together, sparks fly and Sera’s surprised to find herself falling for Ethan. But not half as surprised as she is when Toby starts acting like a jealous boyfriend.

Now Sera’s juggling six dogs, a litter of kittens, a horse, a sheep, and two men intent on outdoing each other. But she’ll have to figure out what her heart truly wants … before her life goes completely to the dogs.

My review of Sit, Stay, Love by Amy Hutton

I thought this was a fun and sweet read. I quite enjoy books about characters who are little bit older (I think the main characters in this one are in their late 20s/early 30s – old enough for Toby to be a fairly experienced vet) and who have their professional lives kind of together but are still muddling through when it comes to their personal lives. I felt like Sit, Stay, Love nailed this, and combined with the love triangle aspect of the story it kind of gave me Grey’s Anatomy vibes (I think it was my mental picture of Toby in a white vet coat with floppy hair that did it?)

Some tropes that I really enjoyed popped up in this one – aside from the love triangle there we also get to enjoy a slow burn, celebrity and friends to lovers elements throughout the story. I really enjoyed the banter between the characters – both Sera and her leading men, and also the snark between the guys themselves – and the balance of some slow burn romance and a bit of almost instalove worked really well for me (the slow burn was my favourite!). I also really appreciated that neither of the guys was really terrible, which helped give the entire book a really uplifting and warm vibe.

Overall this was a lovely, uplifting, and enjoyable read. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for an heartwarming romance with some laugh out loud moments and lots of puppies!

xo Bron

Sit, Stay, Love by Amy Hutton
Out now from Simon & Schuster
Source: I received a free copy from Simon & Schuster for review (thank you!). All views are my own.
Category: Contemporary romcom
Format: paperback, 320 pages

Keep up with Amy Hutton on her website here or Instagram account here.
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