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Review :: What Would Jane Austen Do? by Linda Corbett

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Linda Corbett’s new romance novel, What Would Jane Austen Do?. The cover of this one really grabbed my attention when I spotted it on NetGalley – I’m such a sucker for these cosy romance covers right now – and who doesn’t love a book about books and literature?! I’m glad I picked it up – readers, it was lovely! Check out my full review below.

What is Linda Corbett’s What Would Jane Austen Do? about?

When Maddy Shaw is told her Dear Jane column has been cancelled she has no choice but to look outside of London’s rental market. That is until she’s left an idyllic country home by the black sheep of the family, long-not-so-lost Cousin Nigel.

But of course there’s a stipulation… and not only is Maddy made chair of the committee for the annual village literary festival, she also has to put up with bestselling crime author –and romance sceptic – Cameron Massey as her new neighbour.

When Maddy challenges Cameron to write romantic fiction, which he claims is so easy to do, sparks fly both on and off the page

My review of What Would Jane Austen Do? by Linda Corbett

So I have to say, I loved What Would Jane Austen Do? even more than I expected! I felt drawn into the story right from the very start and enjoyed getting to know Maddy and Cameron as their ‘enemies to lovers’, ‘grumpy/sunshine’ plus ‘forced proximity’ relationship developed. The ‘city girl moves to the countryside’ vibes worked really well for me, and I really liked the peripheral characters that the village setting gave us.

Something else I thought was great in this one was the subplot we saw with Maddy getting to know more about her cousin Nigel through both her experiences with the literary festival as well as some amateur sleuthing.

I really got along well with the writing in this one, which made it an easy and warm read for me, and I looked forward to picking it up when I got a chance to read. The banter between Maddy and Cameron was fun and there were some parts where I laughed out loud. I do love when a pet helps to bring romance novel protagonists together, so I appreciated the dog in this one!

I do recommend What Would Jane Austen Do? if you’re looking for a sweet and fun romance to pick up, especially if you are an Austen lover! Let me know in the comments if this is one you’ve read or have on your tbr too!

xo Bron

What Would Jane Austen Do? by Linda Corbett
Out now from Harper Collins One More Chapter in the UK and Australia
Source: I received a free digital copy from One More Chapter (Harper Collins UK), via NetGalley, for review (thank you!). All views are my own.
Category: Contemporary cosy romance
Format: ebook
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