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Currently reading :: The Last Sorceress by Bonnie Wynne

I love an epic fantasy saga and one of my favourites over the past few years is the story of Gwyn, protagonist of Bonnie Wynne’s The Price of Magic series. I’ve been along for the (wild) ride with Gwyn from the very first book, The Ninth Sorceress, and this month the fifth and final book in the series – THE LAST SORCERESS – was released. I’ve picked it up this week and am so happy to be back in Gwyn’s world (I’m kind of in denial about this being the final book!).

Biggest congrats to Bonnie on this latest release, and thanks so much – as always – to the awesome team at Talem Press for getting an early copy in my hands for me to review!

You can check out the synopsis of The Last Sorceress below – although do remember it’s the fifth book in the series so if you’re worried about spoilers you can see my spoiler-free review of book one, The Ninth Sorceress, here instead!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve checked this series out yet!

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Synopsis of Bonnie Wynne’s The Last Sorceress

One sorceress fractured the world. Two may be enough to doom it

Gwyn’s victory against the risen dead has come at a terrible cost.

Aranor has fallen. In the capital, another sorceress rules from a stolen throne. Survivors of the demon war flock to Ailbhe Ahriddin’s cause – and at her side: Alcide, captured and bound, his royal blood the key to enacting Ailbhe’s ultimate scheme.

Scarred by loss and the choices she’s made, Gwyn now holds Alcide’s fate – and the fate of the world – in her bloodstained hands. As she struggles to unite a broken continent, ancient enemies begin to align, testing their powers against her own

Lives will be lost and sacrifices made as the final battle looms. And in her darkest moment, the Ninth Sorceress will face an unthinkable choice.

Because magic comes with a price. But is it a price Gwyn is ready to pay?

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