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Currently Reading :: Jane Doe and the Quill of All Tales by Jeremy Lachlan

I adore Jeremy Lachlan’s Jane Doe Chronicles series – they are such a great combo of adventure and fantasy and heart, with fabulous female characters and awesome Indiana Jones vibes. The third book, Jane Doe and the Quill of All Tales came out this week, and the team at Hardie Grant kindly sent me an early copy. I’ve finally had the chance to get into it over the past few days and I’m loving it – it was the perfect book to get lost in for Australian Reading Hour today. I’ve popped the synopsis for Jane Doe and the Quill of All Tales, and I’ll share my review here in the next few days.

Jeremy kindly chatted with me about books and writing and summer back in December – you can read it here.
You can keep up with the latest from Jeremy on his website here, and I also recommend checking out his Instagram account here.

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Synopsis of Jane Doe and the Quill of All Tales by Jeremy Lachlan

Jane Doe is no ordinary girl. A child of three ancient gods, she can control the Manor, a sacred realm between worlds. Lately, though, it seems the Manor’s been controlling her – and she’s terrified of what that could mean.

But when Jane discovers she’s the rightful heir to a powerful, long-lost relic, she must cast her fears aside and journey through the Manor to find it. The relic – the Phantom Quill – is said to grant visions of every future in every world. In the right hands, a tool for good. In the wrong hands, a weapon of chaos. And a dangerous cult is already hot on its trail …


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