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I know I keep talking about how obsessed I am with ‘middlegrade’ books at the moment, but honestly, spending any time in the “older readers” section of my local bookshop has me wanting to take a year off work to read them all. I thought I’d pop in tonight and share my current read, because after only 2 days I’m just over halfway through the 400+ pages of Melanie La’Brooy’s The Wintrish Girl, and I absolutely loving it so far.

Also, can we please take a moment to admire that gorgeous cover? The illustration is by Lili Uivel, and I love it. I feel like every time I think I’ve seen the best ever cover then there’s another one to challenge it! Honestly, these covers are just divine.

I’ll pop the synopsis below, and please let me know in the comments if you have read or are planning to read this one, because I get the feeling it’s one of those books we’re all going to want to talk about when we are finished (especially since it is the first book in a series!).
You can keep up with Melanie La’Brooy on her website here and add The Wintrish Girl on Goodreads here.

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Synopsis of The Wintrish Girl by Melanie La’Brooy

On Talisman Day in the Empire of Arylia, every child receives an object that gives them special powers and reveals their destiny. Every child except for the Wintrish girl, Penn, that is. All she has ever wanted is the impossible: to own a Talisman and return to her home in Midwinter to find her true family. But Penn’s trapped – doomed to a miserable, lonely life as a royal servant.

But a long-forgotten evil is stirring and destinies are about to change …

When mysterious and sinister events start to occur, the blame falls upon the Wintrish girl. Suddenly Penn finds herself running for her life. Straight into deadly peril. Facing dangerous enemies with formidable powers, what can an ordinary Wintrish girl do? Because without a Talisman, there’s no changing your fate … is there?

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