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#LoveOzYA :: An Echo Through the Veil by Bonnie Wynne

I love an epic fantasy series, and Bonnie Wynne continues to deliver just that with An Echo Through the Veil, book 4 in her The Price of Magic series.

What is Bonnie Wynne’s An Echo Through the Veil about?

Ok, this is where you’ll usually find the synopsis of the book I’m reviewing BUT this is book four in a series and I don’t want to give away spoilers for the previous books! So I’m sharing the synopsis for book one – The Ninth Sorceressand you can go here to find out more about An Echo Through the Veil.

In the blackest dungeon of the Clockwork City, a prisoner lies bound in silver shackles. Who is she? And why are the wizards so afraid of her?

Seventeen-year-old Gwyn has no family and no past. Apprenticed to a half-mad herbalist, she travels the snow-blasted High Country, hawking potions in a peddler’s wagon. Her guardian hides her from the world like a dark secret, and she knows better than to push for answers.

But when she discovers she is hunted by the goddess Beheret, Gwyn is drawn into a deep and ancient tale: of chained gods and lost magic, of truths long buried and the rising of a war she never could have imagined.

Wizards and their magic-sniffing hounds pursue her – as does a stranger in a smiling mask, who calls her by an unfamiliar name…

But what really terrify her are the dangerous gifts she’s spent her life suppressing. Now, Gwyn must step out of the shadows and take charge of her destiny – even if the price is her own soul.

My review of An Echo Through the Veil by Bonnie Wynne

The books in The Price of Magic series so far have been consistently engaging, fast-paced, and packed with action, and An Echo Through the Veil matches its predecessors in all these areas. I loved seeing Gwyn’s travels in this book – whether she’s in the world of the living or the afterlife, the setting and their inhabitants are so well described, and I always find myself feeling transported with her. We meet some great side characters as we journey with Gwyn, and I feel like this not only makes the world feel full, but also helps us get to know Gwyn better (and for her to learn more about herself too). While the challenge after challenge faced by Gwyn could feel a bit relentless, I think the pace of this one felt well balanced by a little forced break in adventuring. This also gives us the opportunity to find out a bit more about who Gwyn is, and how she might spend her life if she wasn’t so busy saving the world – I appreciated the way this gave us a chance to catch our breath while also reminding us of the stakes of her quest.

One of my favourite things about each of the books in this series is the way that little snippets from elsewhere are dropped into the story here and there. This really works for me – I find it raises the tension even further and has me so keen to find out how everything will come together. This was used to absolute perfection in this book, and I absolutely can’t wait to see in book five (the finale!) what everything has been building too, and how it will be resolved.

If you’re an epic fantasy fan and haven’t picked up The Price of Magic series yet I definitely recommend checking it out!

xo Bron

An Echo Through the Veil by Bonnie Wynne
Out now from Talem Press

Source: I received a free e-copy for review from Talem Press (thank you!)
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