Friday Favourites:: 2 September

Friends! Happy September! Happy Spring! AND, at our school this week, HAPPY BOOK FAIR!

I think soooo many of us have such wonderful memories of the Scholastic book fair arriving at school and setting up like a magical moving book store full of books and pens and posters. It’s such a delight as an adult to see that magic still exists, and – judging by the kids I’ve seen this week – is still every bit as exciting!

I popped into our school library today to help pack up the book fair (it arrives in metal boxes on wheels that open out into shelves!) and had a good look around at the books – obviously I took the opportunity to buy myself something (Villain Kid Fully Busted by Jack Heath), as well as helping the librarian pick out some for the school library shelves (Worst Week Ever, Bin Chicken, and Egyptian Myths amongst others).

I hope your week has been lovely and bookish too!
Have a fab weekend,

xo Bron

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