Friday Favourites :: 19 August

I’ve been super bust this week with reading and working on reviews, as I’m determined to get through some of the (many) books that have been hanging out on my NetGalley shelf for way to long. I really only request books that I want to read, so they are all titles I’m interested in, but it just gets a bit overwhelming when a bunch of requests come through at once (kind of like when all the library holds come in at once!). So, that does mean you can expect to see lots of new reviews on backlist books (a lot of them likely to be Christmassy) over the next little while. It feels good to be making my way through the list. I’m going to share a super quick list of some things I’ve loved this week , so that I can get back to the review writing.

  • My cat Jack, sleeping in the sunshine (on my desk next to my computer) is forever a favourite. He just such a sweetheart!
  • On Friday last week I found out that I’ll be on the judging panel for the Aurealis Awards again this year, for the Children’s Fiction category! I can’t wait, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it!
  • I already talked about this a little bit, but the Canberra Writers Festival was so much fun last weekend.
  • My rainbow Dune crochet blanket continues to grow – I took it out it out for tea on a lovely morning with a friend during the week.
  • I baked a delicious ginger crunch slice this week from Around the Kitchen Table by Sophie Hansen and Annie Herron that I’ve been enjoying with coffee all week. It has a shortbread-y base, and a fabulous ginger golden syrup topping – so good!

What has been making you smile this week?

xo Bron

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