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Book Stack :: Cbr Writers Festival 2022

I’ve been going on about it a bit on social media, but I felt like my weekend at the Canberra Writers Festival deserves a proper post here as well, and what better than to share a gorgeous book stack. If I’m completely honest, I tend to find the program for the CWF fairly uninspiring – it feels like so much of the focus is on political journalism and memoir and nonfiction, and I’m so much more of a fiction reader. I do, though, love hearing people’s stories, and I am always so fascinated to hear from authors. So this year I decided to just pick a day and a venue and go to as many events as I could squeeze into the day there. As expected, I heard from some incredible writers and was blown away by how open and vulnerable and generous the people on each panel were.

Today I thought I’d share my book haul from the day. This doesn’t cover every author I saw, and I have actually already acquired a few more titles by the writers from the panels attended. Click on the titles for more info on each.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read any of these or have them on your tbr!

xo Bron

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