Friday Favourites :: 12 August

I have a big, exciting weekend ahead, with the Canberra Writers Festival being held over the next few days. I’m planning to get to a couple of events and am sure I’ll have lots to say about it next week.

It has been a funny week that has disappeared but dragged at the same time! Winter seems to be having its second wind, and the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind between being sunny or wet, but it has been pretty cold! One of my favourite things in the past week or so though has been seeing my garden start to look like spring. I have daffodils and jonquils and other bulbs popping up, and daphne in delicious bloom. When the weather has been nice enough to walk anywhere I have also loved seeing the wattle ready to burst out in its pretty yellow flowers too.

I hope the weekend is wonderful for you!

xo Bron

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