Currently Reading :: Five Bush Weddings

I think I mentioned last week that I’m in the mood for Aussie romance novels at the moment, and my current read Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher, fits right into that category. I’m a bit over halfway through this one, and feel like it fits somewhere between rural romance (like Maya Linnell and Léonie Kelsall’’s books) and romcoms Jodi MacAlister’s Here for the Right Reasons (which I read last week). I’m definitely enjoying it so far – I’ll pop the synopsis (from the Penguin website) below in case you’d like to know more about it.

I hope you’ve been reading something wonderful this weekend too!

xo Bron

Synopsis of Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher

With her ex soon to be married, her mum back on the dating scene, and her best friend threatening to settle down with the Most Boring Man Alive, Stevie is feeling left behind.

To top it off, her old uni mate Johnno West, whom she hasn’t seen for years, keeps turning up as best man at Stevie’s jobs. And he is looking so good.

Perhaps their youthful pact – that if they were both still single in their early thirties they’d get together – is not so crazy after all?

Then the enigmatic Charlie Jones walks into the frame …

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