Friday Favourites :: 27 May

Happy Friday and almost June everyone!

We’ve had kind of a funny week this week – the weekend was busy with voting and I took an all day watercolour painting class on Sunday, then we had a day off school on Monday and I worked a short day Tuesday because I wasn’t feeling great and hello suddenly it’s Friday again!

Our long weekend came at the perfect time, and we made sure that we did as little as possible and made the most of being home together. Something that I’m absolutely loving at the moment is getting to share my love of reading with my 8 yr old. Like many things in ‘parent life’ this is something that I’ve found has evolved constantly from the time she first arrived – from us reading stories to her, through her learning to read, and now loving it too, and everything along the way. She has just started to gravitate more towards novels after a period of reading loads of graphic novels, and on Monday it was lovely to start our day by snuggling up in bed together and reading. I especially love when she gets to a bit that she likes so much that she stops to read it out to me – it’s the best!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week, and a wonderful weekend ahead!

xo Bron

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