Preview :: Big Magic by Sarah Armstrong

There seem to be sooooo many amazing books coming out at the moment that, to be honest, I’m having some trouble keeping up with the reading and reviewing and sharing. Today I wanted to pop in and tell you a bit about a brand new middlegrade novel that I have been looking forward to for ooooh about a year. Sarah Armstrong’s Big Magic came out at the start of May, and is sitting right at the top of my tbr pile. Big thanks to Hardie Grant for sending me a copy!

You might remember Sarah was kind enough to chat middlegrade reads with me back in the summer – you can check that out here. You can also keep up with Sarah on her website and Instagram.

So, what is Big Magic about? Read on below for the synopsis from the Hardie Grant website, and keep your eyes peeled for my review soon!

xo Bron

Synopsis of Big Magic by Sarah Armstrong

Eleven-year-old Tulsi comes from a long line of women magicians, but her mother has always forbidden her to learn Big Magic. It’s dangerous, thrilling, and powerful – and Tulsi wants it more than anything. But one hot summer’s night, a magic trick goes horribly wrong, and her mother disappears. Only one person can bring her back, and that’s Tulsi.
But first, she’ll have to learn a lifetime’s worth of Big Magic – in just one month.  It’s an impossible task, especially when her teacher – her strange grandmother, Sylvie – was long ago banned from doing any Big Magic at all. Tulsi is determined to save her mum, but does she have what it takes? And where, exactly, has her mother gone?

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