Friday Favourites :: 25 March

SEO for bloggers with Anjali from This Splendid Shambles

Something a little bit different, but still book adjacent in a bloggery kind of way, for my favourite this week. This year I’m trying to get a little bit more organised with my blog, and with getting my content out there. One of the things I’ve been keen to learn more about was SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), so this week I did a training seminar about SEO for bloggers with Anjali from This Splendid Shambles.

Anjali and I first connected last year when I was lucky enough to win a 1:1 Blogger’s Power Hour with her, which I absolutely loved and found so valuable. She shares so many amazing blogging tips on her Instagram page, and has excellent taste in books too!

The session ran for a little over an hour before work, and the information and communication from Anjali before, during, and after the session was great. I also loved meeting some other women who are also bloggers, across a really broad range of topics.

This is totally not sponsored at all – I really just loved the session and felt super uplifted and inspired by it. If you’d like to find out more about Anjali’s blog coaching and courses you can find her website here, and I’d totally recommend checking out her Instagram too!

Fellow bloggers – let me know if you have a favourite source of blogging tips and info in the comments!

xo Bron

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