Friday Favourites :: 11 March

Now I know it is hardly original, but we are absolutely loving Greek Myths right now. I mean, they are having a moment, right?
Our daughter recently spotted an ad for an exhibition at the National Museum of Australia about the Ancient Greeks and was keen to check it out, which we told her we could absolutely do, and suggested that we study up on some of the Greek myths first.

So, for the past few weeks we’ve been listening to a podcast we found called Greeking Out by National Geographic Kids which retells the myths in a kid friendly way, and our daughter is LOVING it! (Like, she picks it over TV!)

The other story source we are really enjoying is Jean Menzies’ Greek Myths, which is an absolutely gorgeous collection of myths told for kids, and illustrated with the most beautiful artwork. (Jean has a book of Egyptian myths coming out in August and we can’t wait!)
After we listen to a story my daughter has loved looking it up in the book to read as well, and has found it really interesting to she the little differences between different retellings.

I feel like lots of kids go through a myths stage – I’d love to know if you or your kids have, and whether you have a favourite story or hero!

xo Bron

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