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Friday Favourites :: 4 March

One of my absolute favourite things about Instagram (and all kinds of social media, really) is the sense of community. I love a good readalong, or blog event (like Top 5 Tuesday!), or photo challenge.

One of my favourite regular events on Instagram is The Fiction Feast, which is hosted by the fabulous Ale from ReadWithRiver (you can also find Ale on her website here). The Fiction Feast (you can check out posts here: #TheFictionFeast) is held every two months of so, and is an opportunity for influencers and bookstagrammers from both the kid lit and adult spaces to come together to share delicious flatlays of food and meals recreated from books. Sooooo many people join in, and it is so much fun to see what everyone had made, highlight my favourites in my stories, and chat with other readers about food and fiction.
I’m sharing all of this because there was a Fiction Feast held last week – Friday in US/Canada time, which of course spills over to our Saturday.

This time around I shared a picture book kindly gifted to me by my lovely kidlit friend Lucy (@lLoveFourReading): A Year in Fleurville by Felicita Sala. This is the most divine picture book – here is a little blurb from the publisher website (because let’s face it they always explain it best!)
In each garden, someone is tending to their produce. Maria’s picking asparagus, Ramon’s mum is watering the cucumbers, and a gaggle of kids are eating cherries fresh from the tree and even wearing some as earrings! Meet the many people of Fleurville, delight in their produce, learn their recipes, and find comfort in the cycle of the seasons. A Year in Fleurville is a cookbook, a mini guide to gardening, and a picture book rolled into one, celebrating the joys of coming together and sharing the rich rewards of our gardens and kitchens.

Honestly, I love this book so much, and I enjoyed foraging in my own garden (and fridge, because I think lots of gardeners will tell you that while our mild summer was kind of lovely, it hasn’t done our veggie gardens any favours!) for fresh produce to snap it with!

Do you have a favourite foody scene in a book? I’d love to hear about it!

xo Bron

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