Friday Favourites :: 4 February

Happy Friday! How many guesses do you need to figure out what’s on my favourites list this week? Haha!

Look, it’s not that I’m ever busting for school to go back. In fact, I’m a bit the opposite – I always feel like the holidays whizz past so quickly, and end up wishing we had just a little bit longer. Especially the summer holidays, with lazy mornings and long, warm evenings where it’s late past bedtime, and all the things with pack in with birthdays and visits and who knows what else. But I have to admit that this week I’m feeling good about having some routine back in our days. It will be kind of nice to have the house to myself a couple of times a week, and I’m thrilled to see my daughter so excited to be back with her friends and excited to learn.

I’d love to know, if you have kids (or teach kids!), are you happy to be back at it, or have the back-to-school blues?

xo Bron

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