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Author Chat :: Summer Reading :: Reece Carter

You know I love any excuse to have writers here on the blog for a chat, and since I’ve been keeping an eye out for middlegrade reads to keep my newly 8 year old busy over summer I thought it would be fun to talk to a few fellow middlegrade readers about their summer reading habits and get a few recommendations at the same time. Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Reece Carter here for a chat. Reece is a Sydney-based writer – his debut middlegrade fantasy novel will be released later this year. Check out our chat below…

Hey Reece! Thanks so much for joining me on today! I’m so looking forward to reading your debut middlegrade novel A Girl Called Corpse when it comes out in October! Can you tell us anything about the book and what to expect?

Thank you!

A Girl Called Corpse is a spooky fantasy about a lonely kid ghost who has spent her entire death wondering who she was before she was snatched by Witches. When she discovers there’s a treasure that can reunite her with her name and her family, she leaps into the adventure. But the forgotten fishing village of Elston-Fright is a dangerous place, and Corpse comes up against all kinds of monsters and dark magic as she races to find the treasure — hopefully before the Witches do. Expect big chills, lots of magic, and hopefully plenty of heart and humour, too.

I’m so excited to see it on bookshelves and in young readers’ hands.

October can’t come quickly enough!

What’s your favourite thing about summer?

I happen to love everything about summer. I’m certain I’m solar-powered.

My absolute favourite part though is probably the fact that I get to take my dog, Hagrid, to the beach every day. He’s a big swimmer and nothing makes him happier than a trip to the beach. He would stay and splash about all day if it was up to him.

So. Much. Fun.

Do you like to plan a summer reading list? What’s on your tbr for this summer?

I don’t tend to plan my reading list too far in advance because I’m very much a ‘mood reader’; I pick my next book based on what genre I’m in the mood for.

I’m currently reading (and loving) Jaclyn Moriarty’s The Astonishing Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere,and then after that I might switch gears for a YA rom-com like Jay’s Gay Agenda by Jason June, which has been on my TBR for a while.

Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee will be my next MG read. It looks wonderful.

Do you have a particular genre or type of book you especially like to pick up over summer?

Other than middle grade (and especially MG fantasy), I do enjoy a good swoon-y contemporary YA. Extra points if it’s set somewhere coastal!

What’s your perfect summer reading situation?

At the beach and with a big scoop of ice cream (pistachio, thank you!)

I love middlegrade books, and I know you’re a fan too. Can you please share your top 3 middlegrade book recommendations for people to check out this summer?

Absolutely! Everyone should check out:

The Shark Caller by Zillah Bethell. Set in a traditional coastal community of Papua New Guinea, with strong ties to the sea, this story about overcoming loss and finding new friendships is so charming.

A Glasshouse of Stars by Shirley Marr. Probably my favourite Australian middle-grade book of 2021. Shirley uses the second person so well to tell the story of a girl whose entire world is turned upside down when she and her family immigrate to a strange and unfamiliar new home. It’s a heartfelt story about imagination, resilience, and self-belief.

The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman. This short-and-sweet book about a magical train that transports animals around the globe paints a hopeful picture for the future and is the heart-warming antidote we all need after a challenging couple of years.

Massive thanks Reece for taking the time to chat with me!

Thanks for having me, Bron!


Aaaaah so many great reads to add to my TBR! I actually have A Glasshouse of Stars and the Jacyln Moriarty series both on my shelves here!
Big thanks again to Reece – I’m always so grateful when people take the time out to chat with me. I absolutely recommend heading over to check out Reece’s Instagram page for the latest about his books, what he’s reading, and of course lots of gorgeous Hagrid doggy content!

Let me know in the comments what you’re reading this summer!

xo Bron


Reece Carter: Author Bio

Some of Reece Carter’s earliest memories involve books. His love for stories — especially those filled with whimsy, magic, and a little bit of weirdness — began as a child growing up in rural Western Australia. There was an unfortunate lack of witches and ghosts on his family farm, and so Reece had to find them in books instead.

It wasn’t until high school though that Reece thought to try his hand at writing his own stories. He loved it, and never looked back.

Reece now lives in Sydney. When not reading or writing, he can usually be found talking to his dog, Hagrid, and hoping that one of these days Hagrid might decide to talk back.

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