Friday Favourites :: 28 January

This week’s favourite is kind of a no-brainer. Last weekend after arriving home from our little mini break, we picked up two new furry babies to join our family – Jack (the tabby lad) and Trixie (the tiny tux). It has been a long time since we’ve had kittens in the house, and i had forgotten how wild they can be haha, but really they are such sweet loving little things, and it is so nice to have them here.

Obviously they are adorable and we are all smitten with them! I’m sure there will be loads of kitten spam in the future!

xo Bron

A quick, sad note from future Bron. I wanted to pop in to update this post to say the following week tiny Trixie became unwell, and sadly didn’t make it through. She was such a sweet little kitten, and was very loved for the short time that we had her x

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