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Friday Favourites :: 17 December

Ooooh it’s getting close now! Tomorrow it’s just one week until Christmas! We’ve been really getting into the Christmas movies – we’ve watched a bunch already, and are very much looking forward to checking out the adaptation of A Boy Called Christmas soon, so I thought I’ve share some of our (my) other favourites today. I’m giving them subheadings because I feel like it might be a long list haha

Christmas adjacent movies

Each year we kick off Christmas movies season by watching Die Hard and Batman Returns – both are Christmas adjacent so it doesn’t feel like we are getting too Christmassy too early, but there is enough Christmas in there that they feel a bit festive. We’ve actually probably watched Die Hard 3 times in the past month because we keep coming across it on the movies channel at night and can’t look away.

Kids’/family movies

Sooooo many to choose from here, but I think our favourites would have to be Nativity! which deserves so much more love and attention than I ever see it get, The Muppet Christmas Carol because obviously, and Arthur Christmas which I just find super lovely. My daughter has been loving The Christmas Chronicles as well. We also watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 every year, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation which isn’t quite a family movie but sort of is.

Hallmark/romance movies

Ok, you might know that I am a little bit obsessed with Hallmark movies. All time favourites include Christmas in Conway (A man tries to build a ferris wheel in his backyard for his terminally ill wife – at Christmas – SO SAD but also lovely), The Christmas Secret (single mum is down on her luck and helped out by small town spirit and maybe some Christmas magic), and Hats off to Christmas (all year round Christmas hat shop – yep they just sell Christmas hats, 365 days/year – is in financial trouble and business man from the city comes to save it).

Highlights so far this year have been 5 Star Christmas (starring Bethany Joy Lenz from The Christmas Secret), A Little Christmas Charm (even though there are some weird stalker vibes at the start) and The Christmas Setup which is actually a Lifetime Channel movie featuring a Christmas romance between two guys (we are so here for more diversity in love stories!).

I feel like Netflix movies aren’t quite the same as Hallmark/Lifetime, but I have to mention that we loved The Christmas Prince, The Knight Before Christmas and The Princess Switch too.

Are you a Christmas movie watcher? I’d love to know your faves!

xo Bron

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