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Christmassy :: Q&A :: Cheyenne from The Little Flame Co.

Last year I ran a little series on my blog of Christmas themed Q&As with authors and small business owners, and I enjoyed it so much that I had to bring it back this year. Starting tonight I’ll be posting a new chat every couple of days with authors of books we’ve enjoyed this year, and the people behind some of my favourite small businesses. Just to be clear, none of this content is sponsored. Some of the books I will have received free copies of for review (I’ll always let you know in the post), and all of the items I’ll feature from small businesses are things I have tried and loved myself. All of the books and products are things that I would wholeheartedly recommend as gifts during the festive season or any time.

I think when you’re settling in for a reading session there is nothing better than the combo of book, beverage and candle, and tonight I’m kicking off this year’s series by chatting with Cheyenne from The Little Flame Co, who makes my favourite candles. I think I first became aware of Cheyenne’s gorgeous candles through her collaborations with my friend Emma from The Seasonal Ceramicist (another local maker worth checking out!), and I’ve been using them since. I adore the Christmas scents (Pudding is my favourite), and during the rest of the year I can’t go past Sea Salt and Caramel or Fresh Coffee. I think the canisters Cheyenne uses are really gorgeous and chic – they also last for ages – and I love that there are also sample and tea light sizes, which are perfect for trying the scents or for gifting (I have some stashed away for presents this year!). I also really enjoy following Cheyenne’s Instagram account – she posts lots of great behind the scenes stuff about the business as well as things she is reading or watching and other snippets of her life.

Hi Cheyenne! Thanks so much for joining me for a Christmassy chat on my blog tonight! Obviously I adore your products – could you please tell us a little bit about your business and what inspired you to start it? 

I am @thelittleflameco and hand blend coconut soy candles with quality handpicked fragrance oils to bring you candles that are worth coming home to. 

Gosh, this question always gets me; in the practical sense, I began when I was on maternity leave with my second child in 2012 and I was subconsciously needing to tap into a creative outlet that was abating my anxiety issues that were actually becoming really bad at that point in my life. 

BUT why I started has changed and morphed over the years and nearly at the 10 year mark I understand my need to keep going and that drive is so much more than that practical reason; I’m an introvert that LOVES and needs to recharge on my own, in my space and regularly so my space is very important to me as is scent; I need that extra calming aspect in my environment and the ritual helps with the recharging. I also have a love for scent, i’m highly sensitive to it but also, there are certain notes and fragrances that are calming to me as is the house proud mum who loves to create a warm and inviting place (more so to my immediate family 😆)

Do you like to read Christmassy books or do you have a favourite Christmas story? 

If its a romance, and I’m partial to Mills and Boon then YES! I love a quick read and a whirlwind romance to enjoy in the festive season, but I don’t have a favourite Christmas book. 

Is there a particular book you’d like to find under the Christmas tree this year? 

Oh yes! and I’ve bought it for myself 😆 I’m terribly interested in World War 2 romance or drama novels and I was having a conversation with my nan and mum about Coco Chanel (we’re all in a little book club, Nan is 91 and reads on a kindle) and the involvement with the Nazi’s in the French occupation, so I have 2 books about her under the tree this year to start learning about her, the fashion house and what went down in the 40s!

Do you have a favourite book you’ve read that you are recommending (or gifting) to everyone? 

Back to the WWII genre; The Nightingale by Kristin Hannan. This book left the biggest impact on me in my recent adult years, I inhaled it within a couple of days and if I’m gifting to a person its generally this book! 

Can you share a favourite Christmas tradition or recipe? 

I’ve always had this thought about traditions with Christmas and that my family doesn’t actually have any 😆 and in the last several years I’ve been making it a tradition of mine to make a few things; with the kids, but also for the adults. 

I am a HUGE lover of Anisa Sabet’s Egg Nog, yet to be perfected on my behalf as its always too thick and becomes pudding BUT this is my Christmas eve recipe I love to make for the big day. Anisa’s recipe is linked here.

Do you have a favourite small business you’re shopping with this year that you want to shout out?

Not specifically, this year has been very strategic shopping for the kids and the family; we are installing an air con (and it seems that we’re set for a soggy summer anyway ha!) so that is the gift my husband and I are sharing and my eldest is headed to high school next year so we’re buying all the things he’ll need for that, I love the rule; something they want, something they need, something they’ll wear and something to read. (I think that’s it, anyway that’s what I buy)

BUT I will add I am a part of Buy From The Bush and right now the farmers are trying to harvest within all the immense rain we’re experiencing, and if you do have some shopping items left for the season to pop on over to their website where they bring all the bush businesses and creatives together in one place to be able to buy and support. 


Massive thanks to Cheyenne for being a guest on my blog today! Do go and check her out on Instagram.
The Little Flame Co. will be taking a break over Christmas – studio doors are closing this coming Friday 10 December, so if you would like to put in an order with Cheyenne make sure you pop over to her website and place your order before then.
If you’re in Canberra, there are a few places around where you might be able to find The Little Flame Co. candles – I believe Cheyenne was preparing some for POP Canberra (another one of my faves!), and I have had them included with flowers I’ve sent to friends from Eight Stems florist. Also, Emma from The Seasonal Ceramicist will have some of the candle they collaborated on at the Ginninderry Christmas in the Park markets this Saturday, which might be a great way to snag one if you’ve had your eye on them (they sell out super fast online!).

Thanks again so much to Cheyenne! I hope everyone enjoyed our chat, and will pop back again later in the week for the next one!

xo Bron

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