ICYMI :: November Wrap Up

Hello! Happy December! There was great excitement in the house today now that it’s advent calendar time!
Things have started getting a bit Christmassy up here, with quite a few festive reads, especially in the second half of the month, – here’s a little wrap up of November’s posts.

Friday Favourites are still going strong and still, well, my favourites. Here’s what I was loving this month:

Another goal for the month was to post Christmassy things – a mix of reviews and TBRs – on Saturday…

And then I had one more post – a review of the Ollie and Bea books by Renne Treml, which my daughter has been loving

Onwards to December now! I do have big plans for the month – lots more Christmassy bits including some gift recommendations as well as Q&As with some favourite authors and small biz makers, and a few other things too!

I hope your month gets off to a good start too!

xo Bron

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