Friday Favourites :: 5 November

Hello! Happy Friday!

It is proper spring weather here this week – warm and sunny some days, and pouring rain the others. My garden is super happy about it, and I have to admit that I’m quite partial to a rainy day too (especially if I don’t have to leave the house!)

We’ve had a fairly quiet week, with lots of little lovely moments – I went for brunch with friends and into a bookshop for the first time since August, we’re back in our school routine, and last Sunday we pulled out some board games to play together (something that will probably pop up again another time, since we’re hoping to make a habit of it).

My main favourite for the post today though is a bit of a rehash of something I’m sure I’ve posted about before, which is that I am loving seeing my daughter enjoying books so much! She often wakes up a bit before us and reads in bed for a little while, and she always has something different on the go. It’s fun to see the variety of things she’s picking up – she ranges from picture books to middle grade novels, and is quite keen on graphic novels at the moment too.

The Under Dogs: Fake it till They Make it by Kate and Jol Temple (who kindly sent us this copy) and Worst Week Ever: Monday by Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove, are two that she has loved in the past few weeks. Both are early books in new series, so we have lots more fun to look forward to! I’m hoping she’ll agree to help me out with reviews for both books soon, so keep an eye out if you’d like to know more!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week!

xo Bron

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