Friday Favourites :: 30 July

I have to admit that this week’s favourite kind of took me by surprise. I had been feeling a bit icky about the Tokyo Olympics going ahead this year, but I’ve been glued to it since the Opening Ceremony started, and it has really made my week!

We’re watching bits and pieces of everything, with extra focus on equestrian and handball which are my favourite sports that we really don’t get to see much of outside of Olympics time.

There have been so many wonderful moments of great sportsmanship and togetherness – I know that there’s still a lot going on that is less shiny and lovely around the world at the moment – not least in Tokyo itself – but I still think it’s important to make space for something good when we can, and this came right at the perfect time for me.

And because i can’t write a post without a photo, here’s a little Olympic flashback – it’s me (in the dark blazer/skirt/scarf/hat combo haha) as part of a medal presentation team at the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

Let me know if you’ve been watching/what you’ve been loving/if you have an Olympic story!

xo Bron

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