Hi friends and happy Friday! It feels like an extra special Friday here this week – we’re heading into a long weekend (we have Monday off) AND it’s my birthday on Sunday, and I’ve taken two extra days off next week, which since I work three days/week means I have the whole week off! It’s always nice to be staring down a bunch of time at home, especially when you don’t necessarily have anything much specific planned.

And now, let me tell you about something that has been a favourite of mine this week. If you follow me over on Instagram (@bookishbron) you might have noticed that I’m interested tarot cards. I picked up a deck maybe mid-last year and fairly regularly pull out a card in the morning as kind of a focus/intention for the day. I’ve always been interested in this sort of thing, and the symbols and their meaning that go along with it. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a second deck – partly just because the art on them is often so lovely, but also because I’ve heard comparing the same card from different decks is a good way to learn the meanings of the cards. So I was having a bit of a look at decks online when I came across The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Raven Cycle series (among other wonderful YA fantasy books).

I happen to love The Raven Cycle books – actually, I like to reread them around this time of year, as the first scene in the first book (The Raven Boys) takes place on the evening of 24 April – and I have always loved Stiefvater’s art, so I jumped at the chance to get myself a deck. The cards are beautiful – the illustrations are all done in pencil, and Stiefvater has put her own spin and interpretation on the cards, while still maintaining their traditional meanings. The guidebook that came with the deck, Illuminating the Prophecy, is brilliantly written, full of tips about how to lean more about tarot cards, spreads and readings, and I’m really enjoying working my way through it as different cards pop out of the deck at me.

Let me know if you have a favourite bookish (or not) thing you’re loving this week!

xo Bron


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