Friday Favourites :: April 9

I’ve been thinking a bit over the past few weeks about the sorts of things I’d like to share on my blog, and one thing I haven’t done much of so far this year is general bookish chatty life stuff. To help get back in the habit of logging on for a chat I thought I’d try and pop in on Fridays for a super quick post to share something that is probably at least book adjacent that I have enjoyed during the week – a Friday favourite if you’ll excuse the cheesy alliteration =)

So to kick it off, if you follow me on instagram you probably won’t be at all surprised to hear that one of my favourite things this week has been reading in my hammock – aside from the my excellent current read (The Last Reunion by Kayte Nunn – I received a free copy from the publisher as part of a readalong with Tandem Collective Global), I’m loving the view which is starting too look all autumnal, and the fact that it has been perfect hammock weather all week.

I hope everyone has a happy, book-filled weekend! Pop into the comments and let me know what has been your favourite this week!

xo Bron

(ps just in case anyone is wondering, my hammock is this freestanding one =))

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