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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a readalong organised by Tandem Collective Global for J. P. Pomare’s latest novel Tell Me Lies, which is out now from Hachette. The readalong was so much fun (even though I was running a little bit late!). I have been part of a few readalongs with Tandem now, and they do an amazing job of organising them – we have a chat group on Instagram, and discussion prompts/questions are provided to help the discussion along as we read. I think these sorts of readalongs are a great way to connect with other readers, especially at the moment when it isn’t always possible to catch up in person.

Despite not being the biggest thriller reader, I couldn’t resist being part of the readalong! Here’s the synopsis for the book – read on to hear what I thought =).

Psychologist Margot Scott has a picture-perfect life: a nice house in the suburbs, a husband, two children and a successful career.

On a warm spring morning Margot approaches one of her clients on a busy train platform. He is looking down at his phone, with his duffel bag in hand as the train approaches. That’s when she slams into his back and he falls in front of the train.

Margot’s clients all lie to her, but one lie cost her family and freedom.

I thought Tell Me Lies was a really gripping read. I was quickly drawn into the story and wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next – I can absolutely see how people read it in a sitting or two.

I have to admit I enjoyed the first half more than the second – it had that really creepy uncomfortable feel that great thrillers do – but I found the second half, once some of the twists had come, a bit too, I don’t know, written maybe? Like I was aware that I was reading a story that had been set out to make me feel a certain way?

Overall though, this was a fun twisty story and I can see why people who enjoy thrillers keep coming back to JP Pomare for more!

Big thanks to Tandem Collective and Hachette for sending me a copy of Tell Me Lies so that I could join in with the readalong fun!

xo Bron

Tell Me Lies by J.P. Pomare
Out now from Hachette.
Source: Free copy sent to me by Hachette via Tandem Collective. All views are my own.
Category: Contemporary thriller/suspense.

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