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It’s Christmas-time and Lily, an unlucky-in-love 16-year-old, listens to the advice of her lucky-in-love brother and leaves her red notebook on her favourite bookshop shelf. The book, and the dares inside it, have Lily waiting for the right guy to come along and rise to the challenge.

When Dash finds her notebook on the shelves of The Strand bookstore, he accepts her challenge. As they begin to send each other on a scavenger hunt all across Manhattan, Dash and Lily are falling in love with each other on the page. Discovering if they have the same chemistry in person could be their biggest dare yet.

I can’t remember where I first came across Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, or what made me pick it up, but I do know I listened to the audiobook in August 2015 and absolutely loved it. I just find it so fun and heartwarming, and while it does require some suspension of disbelief (not that I’m generally one to worry about whether teens really talk like that anyway) I think it is utterly charming. I bought a paperback copy to take on our trip to the US over Christmas 2018 so that I could re-read it while I was in Christmassy New York and visiting the same places that Dash and Lily do in the book (hello Strand Book Store with your miles and miles of books!)

I was delighted to hear that Netflix had picked Dash and Lily up and were making a series, and now that it has dropped I’m glad to see it is getting great reviews. The Netflix website says: Opposites attract at Christmas as cynical Dash and sunny Lily trade messages and dares in a red notebook they pass back and forth around New York City.

I think we’ll check it out this weekend. I’m hoping for lots of lovely Christmassy New York scenes, at least a bit of snow, and some quirky fun characters – if it’s anything like the book it will be the perfect thing to get you in a festive mood! Let me know if you think you’ll check this one out too!

xo Bron

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Out now from Allen & Unwin
Source: I bought this one (twice – audio and paperback)
On Goodreads
On Netflix

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