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Ethicool Books is a new Melbourne-based children’s book company with a focus on beautiful books tackling big issues to inspire little minds. The reached out recently and asked whether I’d be interested in receiving a copy of their latest release Just a Rabbit (by Priscilla Pho and Francisco Fonseca) – of course I was keen to check it out!

Gentle, placid and curious, all the little rabbit wanted was to see the moon. After all, the taller animals in the jungle were forever marvelling at its dreamy facade and sharing their moonlight tales.

Sadly, though, as just a rabbit, our little friend was too small to see beyond the canopy of the trees, too powerless to climb a hill and find a moonlit view, and instead, was left to ponder the simplicity of the forest floor.

But what if the animals of the forest pitched in to help him? What if they stopped to notice all the things they’d never seen, that the little rabbit had forever taken for granted?

Just a Rabbit is a book for anyone who has ever dared to dream big, regardless of who they are or what obstacles stood in their way

This was a really sweet book – I loved that the animals were so kind and gentle towards little Rabbit. I also really liked how clever Rabbit was, and how he showed that there is more than one way to achieve something you want. I have to mention how lovely the illustrations are too – they are super vibrant and more than a bit magical.

I really like that Ethicool Books have a focus on books that present issues in ways that kids can relate to. On their website you can browse the bookshop by theme, including books on nature, gender equality, mental health, sharing, and adventure.

Big thanks to Ethicool for sending this sweet book our way!

xo Bron

Just a Rabbit by Priscilla Pho and Francisco Fonseca
Out now from Ethicool Books – available here.
Source: Free copy kindly sent to us by the team at Ethicool Books (thank you!). All views are my own
Category: Picture book about nature, persistence, and acheiving goals. Rec age 0-6,
Format: Paperback.


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