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I am a bit of a Disney fan, and Belle has always been my favourite (because, obviously) so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a copy of Kathy McCullough’s novel Belle Takes Flight. Here’s the synposis (from Goodreads).

The spell that turned the Prince into the Beast has been broken. But when he mysteriously goes missing, Belle learns that he is being held prisoner by a far-away kingdom under a spell of their own. Now it’s up to her to rescue him. With the help of Lumiere, Cogsworth, and several new friends, Belle sets out on a quest that takes her farther than she’s ever gone before.

I loved that we got to follow the story of Belle beyond her breaking the Beast’s curse, but that her role wasn’t too ‘princessy’, if you know what I mean? In this story she remains the clever, compassionate, brave leader she was in the movie, and is still as independent and bookish as ever. I also really liked that she meets some other wonderful women on her adventure. I think my other favourite thing about this one was the way that it was such a celebration of books, and their importance in society.

I thought this was a great adventure story for readers at the younger end of ‘middle grade’. I think it’s true enough to the movie’s Belle that anyone who is a fan of hers will enjoy this one.

The kind team at Scholastic Australia have sent me a couple more Disney titles that I’m looking forward to sharing here soon!

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Belle Takes Flight by Kathy McCullough
Release: Out now from Scholastic Australia.
Source: I received a copy of from Scholastic Australia for review. All views are my own.
Category: Middle grade, adventure, fairytale
Format: Paperback, 215 pages
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