Review :: Marvel Museum: The Story of the Comics

Another book that I think would make a fantastic gift tonight – Marvel Museum: The Story of the Comics, which is new out from Scholastic (who kindly sent me this copy).
This book is a thing of beauty – it is a large format, with a hardcover, and really fun endpapers inside the front cover, which I think make it that bit more special.

The book itself is filled with beautiful artwork from a range of Marvel comics including The Avengers, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and loads more. The text gives behind the scenes information about the artwork and history of the characters, as well as Marvel as a company.

I think this would make a perfect gift for the comic book fan in your life!
Thanks so much to Scholastic for sending this one our way – comics are big in our house so this one was a huge hit!

xo Bron

Marvel Museum: The Story of the Comics 
Source: Kindly sent to me by Scholastic
Release: Dec 2019
Format: Hardcover, 86p

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