Christmassy :: Pick a Pine Tree :: Patricia Toht & Jarvis

Tonight I wanted to share the book that has been our favourite bedtime story so far this Christmas – Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht (with illustrations by Jarvis).

This book is so divine! Just look at that pretty cover – I always love foil detail, and the red on here is so lovely!

The book is about how a pine tree brought home and decorated becomes a Christmas tree, and is told in rhyming text. It is an absolute delight to read aloud, and all of the illustrations are just so beautiful. There is a lot to look at in each picture – I feel like we find a new detail every time we read it (ie every night!). My photos here really don’t capture just how lovely they are – I recommend popping over to Patricia Toht’s website to have a look at some more!

Ultimately, I feel like this book is about sharing the joy of Christmas, and it was definitely a magical read for me. If you’re looking to add to your Christmas picture book collection I can’t recommend it highly enough!

xo Bron

Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis
Released Oct 2017 by Walker Books
Source: I impulse bought this one when I was shopping online (actually, it was when I was buying a copy of Animology, which featured in last night’s post!) and it was recommended to me at the checkout!
Format: Hard cover picture book
Themes: Christmas, traditions


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