Kid lit :: Letter Art Books by Maree Coote

Today I wanted to share a couple of gorgeous books that have been some of our favourites in the second half of this year, and that I think would make lovely gifts for the small people in your life (we’ve actually bought one for A to give her teacher too). The books feature letter art by Maree Coote, and they are just so clever and beautiful…

The idea is that each picture is made up of the letter that spell it out – isn’t that genius?! The illustrations are big and bright and just gorgeous, and the books have lovely hard covers, and I just don’t think I could love them more!

You can see the letters better on the frog here and the flamingo too. We have had so much fun trying to find all the letters in the pictures. We own Animology and Letters from Australia (both pictured in this post, and both kindly sent to us by the team at Walker Books), as well as having bought a couple ourselves – Letters from Melbourne and I am hoping Letters from New York will arrive in time for Christmas.

 Letters from Australia includes not just animals, but also famous landmarks and people  from around the country, like this Melbourne tram. I also love the rhyming text, and the way that the word is in the same font as in the picture.

Obviously we adore these books, and I can’t thank Walker Books enough for sending those first two our way! Like I said above, we’ve bought Animology to give to A’s teacher – we took it to school one day and it was a big hit. I give them a huge thumbs up and totally recommend putting them on your shopping list if you are still present shopping!

xo Bron


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