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The Good Egg is a super cute picture book from the creators of The Bad Seed.

The good egg has been good for as long as he can remember. While the other eggs in his carton are kind of rotten, he always does the right, kind, and courteous thing. He is a verrrrrrry good egg indeed! Until one day he decides that enough is enough! He begins to crack (quite literally) from the pressure of always having to be grade-A perfect.

I read this one with my 5 year old daughter, and here’s what she thought:

I liked when the good egg learned to do what he wanted.
My favourite page was when the good egg came home and his friend drew some undies on the egg carton. He was happy to be home.

I thought this was a really sweet and fun book to read together, and the illustrations are so lovely.
There are couple of messages in here that I loved – that no one is perfect (and that’s ok), that you really just need to worry about your own behaviour, not what everyone else is doing, and also the importance of ‘self-care’ – taking the time out to do things you love.  I think the themes are perfect for school starters, and it would be a great conversation starter for kids who are worried about getting everything right, or who might get a little bit too caught up in what everyone else is up to sometimes.

This copy is from the school library, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for both this and The Bad Seed so we can have our own copies at home.

xo Bron

The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: School library 
Age range: from 4 years
Format: Hardcover picture book, 40 pages

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